Making the world's most advanced systems even more performant

Mantis Composites is pioneering topological composites, a novel approach to structural design: full strength, 5-axis continuous carbon fiber high temperature thermoplastic 3D printing.For those seeking the absolute bleeding edge of performance.

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The pinnacle of structural efficiency

By combining the full strength of carbon fiber with the geometric optimization attainable with our multi-axis printing capability, we can make parts far lighter than the best existing alternatives.Our 5-axis machine runs carbon fibers directly along load paths and around fastener locations for stronger, stiffer, lighter parts. Unprecedented system integration and even entirely novel meta- properties for specialized applications is achievable.Strong. Optimized. Mantis.

Standard Size and Precision

With a 17 inch diameter* and 15 inch height, our build volume can accommodate a wide range of complex components currently limited to machined aluminum or titanium.Our machine is capable of maintaining a dimensional accuracy of +/- .1mm (.004in), and features can be post-machined to even better tolerances. Post machining coating options available for galvanic isolation, durability, lubricity, or aesthetics.*maximum size of fully 5-axis reinforced parts is smaller by 2-3 inches in each dimension. Contact us if you need to go larger.

Automated Design and Optimization Software

At Mantis, we are building a suite of tools that allow customers to upload, customize, and order parts in one simple step. Of course, we are always available for consultation or assistance.

Advanced Analytics and Part Traceability

Fabricating a high performance part is about more than just the geometry and the material.At Mantis, we are developing software that allows us to both predict and verify final part performance before the part ever leaves our facility.Each part is individually developed and qualified for its specific high-performance application. When your business is on the line, you can count on the performance of Mantis parts.Quality assurance: material-level design, first article testing, unit level testing, micro computed tomography, digital twins.

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When your bottom line follows your 0-60, every ounce of performance matters. At Mantis Composites, we can provide higher performance parts than current metal machining techniques allow while maintaining the fast turnaround time required in the high performance automotive industry. For more information on how Mantis parts could help you get off the line, please contact us.

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Air and Space

When weight reductions, strength, and stiffness top your priority list, Mantis parts can provide relief. With customized properties for your application and scalable manufacturing capability, our process can help you save fuel and boost performance in the cockpit or on the launchpad. With an ever-increasing database of material properties, you can design for our platform with confidence. For more information on how we could help your products go faster, farther, and higher, please contact us.

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Please contact us to inquire about high temperature capabilities.

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Articles & Publications

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Executive Leadership

Ryan Dunn (CEO) Ryan manages customer, strategic, investor, and government relations, as well as high level development direction.David Zilar (COO) David manages mechanical system design and supply chain from machine parts to customer orders, and oversees day to day business operations.Michael DeLay (CTO) Michael leads development of machine controls and software as well as managing internal engineering teams.(executive team consists entirely of Mantis Composites founders)

Advisory Board

Michael Maher Mr. Michael 'Mick' Maher founded Maher & Associates LLC in September 2016 after 5 years as a program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Prior to this, he was Chief of the Composite and Hybrid Materials Branch and Materials Applications Branch at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL).Thomas Katona Dr. Thomas Katona is an Assistant Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly). He received a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UC Santa Barbara.Slade Gardner Dr. Slade Gardner is President of Big Metal Additive. Previously Slade was a Fellow at Lockheed Martin Space Systems and also a Fellow at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in the Skunk Works division. His Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering is from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.Michael Chapiro Michael Chapiro has a background in materials engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, is a co-founder of Mantis Composites, and previously served as the Chief Strategy Officer for 5 years. Michael's out-of-the-box thinking drove the charge on the technical & business fronts to get Mantis into high temperature materials. Michael's engagement as an advisor helps ensure Mantis is continuously bringing to bear the most valuable possible aspects of their broad technical capabilities.

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Contact Us

Founded in 2014, Mantis Composites is based in San Luis Obispo, California with a fully CUI/ITAR capable facility.We always welcome feedback, questions, job inquiries, or sales inquiries regarding our technology and capabilities.

Phone: 661-769-6793
Physical Address:
3986 Short St. Suite 100
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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